Snulu is a 1974 American animated horror film Produced by Hanna-Barbera and released to theatres by Universal Pictures.

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Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Susan Blu as Snulu
  • Greg Burson as Yogi Bear Genie
  • Don Messick as Boo-Boo Bear Genie
  • Daws Butler as Huckleberry Hound, Hokey Wolf
  • B.J. Ward as Bruin Hilda
  • Bob Holt as Taxi Bear
  • Allan Melvin as Hansel
  • Frank Welker as Doggie, DX Nova, Snulu's Duck, Snulu's Dolphin
  • Peter Ustinov as Yogi Bear Clones
  • John Stephenson as Ranger Rob

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It was recycled animation for Lady and the Tramp and One Hundred and One Dalmatians to a place were fighting for the bear clones.
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