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Plane Tokio is an role play action adventure video game developed by Outside Directors Company and published by Northwood Interactive, Asmik Ace Entertainment in Japan for Play Station. It was originally released in Japan on August 26, 1999, in North America on December 21, 1999, and in Europe on March 18, 2000. It is 1 installment in Planet Tokio Series, chronicling creation of main character Iken at hands of antagonists, Collect Aliens. Game story follow Iken losing his delivery to thief. During his adventure, he will meet many interesting characters and will also have to fight alien robots.

Plane Tokio received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised it graphics and visual style but criticized it controls. It was also included in Sony Greatest Hits line up. In 2007, it was released as download game on Play Station Network and Xbox Live Arcade and it Remastered Version was released for Wii and IOS on November 3, 2009 to coincide with 10 anniversary of original game.


Play as Iken, who must go around town talk to characters and get new items to advance to other parts of game. In some places, there are some TV that explain invasion that is happen during adventure. There are places in game when Iken has to avoid being caught by some robots, and battle parts are turn based RPG since Iken can choose between his items to use which 1 wants to use in each turn to attack.



Play protagonist character is Iken, young delivery boy who works in Plane Tokio Ramen Restaurant. Main antagonists are Collect Aliens, group of alien robots who are try to invade world. Iken love interest is Naomi, girl who is father of Dr Canbell. Help Iken in his journey is Boro, Iken artificial intelligent robot assistant. Scientist is Dr Hokin, who lives in bottom of ramen restaurant and inventory of energy ball gun.


Game takes place in near future and more specifically in Plane Tokio, futuristic city with number of floating cities full of life like old Japan. City is attack by Collect Aliens that got person shield which allows them to receive no harm.


Begin during break news about alien attack at Akihabara island. Iken is talk to Dr Hokin in his basement lab that can be accessed using refrigerator that is in restaurant. Hokin show him his new invention a gun that fires energy balls. Soon, his boss, Lai Lai tells him to deliver meal. As soon as Iken arrives at deliver point, man collides with him and stole delivery. Game begins then.

Voice cast

Characters Japans English
Iken J Yanguburu Yu Sugimoto Jason Marsden
Naomi Canbell Haruka Shimotsuki Lauren Tom
Dr Hokin George Takei
Dr Canbell Maurice Lamarche
Boro Corey Burton
Mr Leakage Tom Kane
Lai Lai Mr Bye Bye Carlos Alazraqui
Akiba Rob Paulsen
Stamp Robot Phil Lamarr


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English distribution

During post production of Plane Tokio, Geo G, creator of Gabriel Garza Series, said that English version of game was in works. Northwood Interactive, operating unit of Gingo Animation, is set to publish game in all countries outside Japan. Gingo offered Universal Interactive Studios opportunity to finance with them, but they declined. Geo has close relationship with Osamu Sato, though Geo could understand Japanese in original game during Japanese dialogue that much so he decided to make his own English dub in scratch, trying to stand game theme. Geo was also interested to hire voice actors who previously starred in Geo show Teenv to provide voice of characters in American version.

Game English voice actors were cast and directed by Geo and fellow Gingo employee Michael Wildshill, Audel Laroque and Gary Hall. It features voices of Jason Marsden, Lauren Tom, George Takei, with Maurice Lamarche, and Corey Burton. Additional characters are voice in English by Tom Kane, Carlos Alazraqui, Rob Paulsen, Michael Gough, Phil Lamarr, Jim Cummings, Kath Soucie, with Billy West, and Neil Ross, respectively.

Plane Tokio was released in North America on December 21, 1999. This was follow by it European release on March 18, 2000. Nintendo 64 version was in development and scheduled for release in 2000 under title Plane Tokio 64, and Dreamcast version in 2000. Both were cancelled. Version for Game Boy Color was also proposed, but never materialized, though it had virtually similar game released for it under Same Name.

Regional differences

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  • Plane Tokio means Planet Tokyo or Tokyo Planet. Also, it can be combination of Planet and Tokyo.

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