Planetokio (known in Japan as Tokyo Wakusei Planetokio) is an role-playing action-adventure video game series created by Osamu Sato during his tenure at OutSide Directors Company for Asmik Ace Entertainment. The first two titles, published by Asmik Ace Entertainment in Japan, were originally exclusive to the Sony PlayStation. Since its conception at OutSide Directors, the series has appeared on multiple platforms and gone through various developers and spans numerous genres. None of the other titles involve the participation of Osamu Sato.

The games are mostly set in a near future and more specifically in Planetokio, which it is a number of floating cities full of life like the old Japan. The city is attacked by the Collect Aliens that got a personal shield that allows them to receive no harm. The protagonist of the series is a blue-haired boy named Iken, whose peaceful life in Planetokio is often interrupted by alien robots and monsters. In most games, Iken must defeat the aliens and foil any world domination plans.


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List of gamesEdit

Main seriesEdit

Title Year Platform(s) Developer(s) Publisher(s) Japanese Date American Date European Date
Planetokio 1999 PlayStation OutSide Directors Company Northwood Interactive
Asmik Ace Entertainment (Japan)
August 26, 1999 December 21, 1999 March 18, 2000
Planetokio 2 2001 July 27, 2001 September 25, 2001 October 6, 2001
Planetokio Revolution 2003 PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox Traveller's Tales Vivendi Universal Games
December 18, 2003 March 23, 2004 May 2004
Planetokio Reloaded 2004 PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and Nintendo DS Vicarious Visions Sierra Entertainment
Vivendi Universal Games
December 2, 2004 January 11, 2005 January 28, 2005

Other gamesEdit

These games are not part of the main series as they are either handheld, mobile or spin-off games.

Year Title Platform Notes
2001 Planetokio Game Boy Color
2002 Planetokio: Iken's Amazing Adventure Game Boy Advance
2005 Planetokio: Sushi Challenge Java ME
2006 Planetokio: Go, Iken, Go!
2009 Planetokio Remastered iOS, Wii A remake of the original Planetokio.
2015 Planetokio: Sushi Run iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Planetokio Twin PackEdit

The Planetokio Twin Pack is a collection of the first two Planetokio games released for the PlayStation in 2002.

In other mediaEdit


The Planetokio series has a variety of merchandise, including action figures, toys, plush dolls, trading cards, clothing, accessories, books, food & drink, calendars, comics, etc.

Television seriesEdit

Planetokio was a 20-episode animated action science fiction sitcom that was first broadcast on the Gingo Lineup on Saturdays on November 23, 2002 to May 17, 2003. The series was cancelled due to low ratings, as the show "did not have any more celebrities".


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