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Here are the credits for the 2015 Universal animated film Paradoria.

Opening CreditsEdit

Universal Pictures logo 2013

Universal Pictures


Closing CreditsEdit

First Part of the CreditsEdit

Directed by
Steve Samono
Gary Hall

Co-Directed by
Michael Wildshill

Produced by
Amy McNeill
Daniel Ross

Executive Producers
Geo G.
Audel LaRoque

Story by
Steve Samono
Gary Hall
Amy McNeill
Laurie Craig
Michael Wildshill

Screenplay by
Steve Samono
John Hamburg
Laurie Craig

Music by
Mark Mothersbaugh
John Powell

Tom F. Warner

Finn Wolfhard

AnnaSophia Robb

Rob Riggle

Bryan Cranston

Jenny Slate

Maya Rudolph

Patrick Stewart

Wendie Malick

Cheech Marin

Tommy Chong

Production Designers
Craig Kellman
Yarrow Cheney

Art Director
John France

Character Designers
Shannon Tindle
Shane Prigmore
Craig Kellman
Peter de Sève

Visual Effects Supervisor
Greg Marshall

CG Supervisor
Alexander Bates

Associate Producer
David K. Thompson

Production Supervisors
Vanessa Peskamn
Rupert Brinton

Head of Story
David Soren

Story Supervisor
Gary Hall

Heads of Animation
Randy Travelers
Henry Adams

Animation Director
William Jennings

Animation Supervisor
Mike Warden

Supervising Animators
Nobe Rando
Bob Cokinn
Matt Beckson
Chris Abazzi
Hermann Hassan

Supervising Crowd Animator
Rick Greene

Character Supervisors
Modeling: Kendrick Overly
Surfacing: Newton Fanning
Rigging: Marius Lennon
Characters Effects: Orren Sulzberger
Hair & Cloth: Ken Russel
Fur: Chrissy Frechette

Set Supervisors
Modeling: Phillip Calvi
Surfacing: Nick Boening
Set Dressing: Sheen Perloff

Head of Layout
Matt Tong

Rough Layout Supervisor
Adam Macklin

Final Layout Supervisor
Marvin M. Roberts

Script and Recording Supervisor
Jim Anderson

Global Technology Supervisor
Braden Perry

Lighting Supervisor
Matt Beckson

Shading Supervisor
Karen Stimson

Composting Supervisors
Nero Speckman
Wye Anninger

Stereo Supervisor
Judy Fillingham

Stereo Composting Supervisor
Bealle Khananshivili

Pipeline Supervisor
Nicholas Russell

Head of Animation and Information Technology
Brandon Minez

Rendering Supervisor
Sansone Henery

Production Manager
Jess Riol

Supervising Sound Designer
Randy Thom

Casting by
Ruth Lambert
Mary Hidalgo


Jamo Finn Wolfward
Princess Keena AnnaSophia Robb
King Kakas Rob Riggle
Noalus Bryan Cranston
Verra Jenny Slate
Queen Melly Maya Rudolph
King Clint Patrick Stewart
Maggie Wendie Malick
Vinnie Cheech Marin
Winnie Tommy Chong
Eugene Chris Parnell
Neets Steve Samono
Boppie Gary Hall
Bob David K. Thompson
Creature #1 Craig Kellman
Creature #2 Daniel Ross
Canna Dawnn Lewis
Carnivorous Plant Frank Welker

Additional Voices

Ava Acres Kari Wahlgren
Carlos Alazraqui Mona Marshall
Lori Alan Laraine Newman
Amy McNeill Tom F. Warner
Bob Bergen Willow Samono
James J. Cummings Grey DeLisle
John Cygan Fred Tatasciore
Bill Farmer Jan Rabson
Jess Harnell Sadie Samono
John Kassir Tara Strong
Danny Mann James Kevin Ward
Andrew Hall


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Visual DevelopmentEdit

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Character EffectsEdit

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Visual EffectsEdit

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Matte PaintingEdit

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Shot FinalingEdit

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Post ProductionEdit

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Animation TechnologyEdit

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Research & DevelopmentEdit

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Production EngineeringEdit

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Technical DevelopmentEdit

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Information TechnologyEdit

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Hardware & SoftwareEdit

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Technology ManagementEdit

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Special ThanksEdit

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Final Part of the CreditsEdit

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