Niz Chicoloco is the title character and main protagonist of the game series of the same name. Introduced in the 1997 video game Niz Chicoloco, Niz is a heroic teenage boy who attempts to save his home from illegal aliens from Mexico.Niz was created and designed by Geo G. of Gingo Animation via Gingo Interactive, and was intended to be a mascot character for DreamWorks to use to compete against Disney's Mickey Mouse.

Concept and creationEdit

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Early lifeEdit

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Niz ChicolocoEdit

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Niz 2: The Journey of NonsensicalEdit

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Niz Chicoloco (TV series)Edit

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Niz Chicoloco vs. Eris Edit

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Niz is a young boy with a spiky purple hair. He is seen wearing a blue headband with a star symbol around his forehead, a red neckerchief around his neck, a blue shirt with yellow and orange circles on it, fingerless gloves, a black handband around his wrist, a belt, blue shorts, and purple sneakers with green shoelaces.He also has a blue eyes and frecles on his nose and cheeks,but Niz had a black eyes in his formely version.Also,Niz has a strabismus.


Niz Chicoloco is a handsome boy who is hip, cool, brave, heroic, strong, kind-hearted, intelligent, radical, and sometimes cocky and has a ruthless attitude to his enemies.


  • Niz is DreamWorks' counterpart to Gabriel Garza, who is Niz's counterpart to Universal.
  • His first name, Niz, is the name of several rural localities in Russia, while his last name, Chicoloco, means "crazy boy" in Spanish.
  • In the Japanese versions of the games and the TV show, Niz is voiced by a grown woman rather than a man.
  • In the games, he is 12 years old, while in the 2017 PS4 remake, he is 14 years old.


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