You've hit the jackpot! It's unexpected for taking away my leeks!
―Mr. Leek

Leek Leek Leek[1] (better known as Mr. Leek) is the main antagonist of Gabriel Garza 2. He is voiced by Rob Corddry.

Official bio Edit

Mr. Leek is a man, who can be described as a "leek worker" since he's a leek-loving guy.

Physical appearance Edit

Leek is a young man. He wears black glasses over his big green eyes. He has green hair and eyebrows and wears a green tie, a worker suit, a belt, gray pants as well as black shoes.

Personality Edit

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Early LifeEdit

During his childhood, Leek was known for liking leeks and eating all of the them. Later, he became a "leek worker".

In Gabriel Garza 2Edit

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Gallery Edit

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  1. Mr. Leek's full name is found in his "leek" name tag. He used "Leek" three times as his first, middle, and last name.
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