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The following is a transcript for the 2005 Universal animated film M.I.S.S.I.O.N..

Part 1: Crime Scheme Investigation Edit

(Shows the Universal Pictures logo)

(We see text "HEAVESBORO, 2:43PM EST...or 3:13PM HDT I MIGHT SAY" in a typewriter font typing in green on a black background. A second later, we fade to the main street where we see two police officers in a police car. We cut to two police officers inside the police car with the car radio playing "Sugar, Sugar". One of the officers is drinking a cup of coffee while another eats a donut. A second later, a distant bang was heard.)

Officer #1: (looks confused) Did you hear something strange?

Officer #2: Nah, I'm pretty sure it's just a thunderstorm coming at this place.

Officer #1: Uhhhhhh, Alright.

(Another second later, another distant bang was heard)

Officer #1: Should we uhhhhh...find out on what REALLY that noise was?

Officer #2: Really?! There is no way that criminal activity was making this noise! No one can be here to disturb us or a wild animal can eat us to smithereens!

Louis: (off-screen) Excuse me!

Officers #1 and #2: Aargh!!

(Louis DeMinsky speeds past the officers on a skateboard)

Officer #1: You gotta be kidding me!

Officer #2: Just let him join the other crazy kids at his school, OK?

(Pans to Louis skateboarding down the city streets)

Text: Universal Pictures Presents

More coming soon!

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