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Leonard "Leno" Garza is the tritagonist in the Gabriel Garza franchise, and is one of Gabriel's brothers. He was originally voiced by E.G. Daily in the original series until 2002, and is currently voiced by Alexander Gould since 2011.


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Leno is the jealous, cynical, stubborn, selfish, arrogant, annoyed, sarcastic, lazy, honest, cocky and sometimes unfriendly and rude brother of Gabriel. Known for his attitude, Leno is sometimes gawky and nosy, where he does not always pay attention to his surroundings or others near him. He also often acts like a small child.

Leno sometimes doesn't say anything when he hears some of his friends calling for him to get some help. Leno wants a little bit of independence and privacy from his siblings' overbearing nature and frequently gets bored with their ministrations.


Leno is a goth 13-year-old boy with fair skin, green eyes, and messy black hair. He usually wears an orange ski hat, a black hoodie jacket, a red tank top with a skull on it (originally a red T-shirt with the same skull), lavender pants, and black sneakers.


  • Leno is named after the famous talk host Jay Leno.
  • Leno is known as "The Attitude" according to the 2011 Gabriel Garza film poster.
  • He is based on Geo G.'s brother David.


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