Iken J. Yanguburu (イケン, pronounced ee-ken) is the main protagonist of the Planetokio series of games. He is a meal delivery boy who works in a Japanese ramen restaurant, Rai Rai Ken, and is Naomi's boyfriend. He is voiced by Jason Marsden.

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Opinion-kun of the hero, bright Nerima Shakujii island resident youth. Ordered to genius scientist TakaraKoto Dr. became Saddle to do a whopping alien extermination alone. Private Puranetokio as members of the defense team, Hata also as Delivery possession of 來來 eaves, over came in from the in Puranetokio unconstitutional. Order to restore peace to Puranetokio, a big struggle to bear on the back a pair alien weapons Narunaru No. 1!


Early LifeEdit

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Iken is somewhat kind-hearted, brave, and smart but sometimes clumsy.


Iken is a young boy who has blue hair, a yellow sweater with a red circle with a swirl on it, blue pants and red shoes with the same circle with the swirl.


  • Some believe that Iken was named after a small village and civil parish in the marshlands of the English county of Suffolk of the same name, which is near the estuary of the River Alde on the North Sea coast and is located south east of Snape and due north of Orford. The Anchorage, formerly an island in what was a marsh at the edge of the estuary, is the most likely site of Saint Botolph's Abbey, Ikenhoe. During excavations in 1977 Dr Stanley West discovered part of a large stone Saxon cross incorporated into the wall of the Church tower. The Cross was carved with the heads of dogs and wolves, symbols which were traditionally recognised as St Botolph's emblems during the Middle Ages and therefore it is thought that the cross may originally have been a memorial to him.
    • Ironically, his original Japanese name, "Iken" (イケン), means "opinion" in Japanese.
  • In one episode of the Planetokio show, Iken says "Guh!", which it may be a reference to Amy Wong from Futurama.
  • Iken's surname Yanguburu, revealed in Planetokio 2, means "young blue" in Japanese.
  • Iken is left-handed.


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