This is a list of memorable quotes spoken by Hiro Hamada.

Big Hero 6Edit

  • "Tadashi! TADASHI!!!"
  • "Trust me," (Rolls in a swivel chair before exercising fingers) "it will be."
  • (To Baymax) "We've gotta catch that guy. But first... you're gonna need some upgrades."
  • "Come on!"
  • "Yeah, no kidding!"
  • "Tell him, Baymax!"
  • (To Baymax) "You gave me a heart attack!" (Baymax offers a defibrillator) "St-st-st-stop! It's just an expression!"
  • "Whoa! What?!"
  • "Y'ah think?"
  • "That's okay. No touching."
  • "...Ouch?"
  • (To Baymax) "Kick it down!"
  • "Punch it!"
  • (To Aunt Cass) "Uh, the thing is that..." (Runs hand through his hair) "Since I've registered so late, I've got a lot of school stuff to catch up on."
  • "Hey, Baymax. I didn't know you were still... active."
  • (To Baymax, pointing) "Don't scan me." (Baymax quickly scans him) "Unbelievable!"
  • (To Baymax, but looking behind him at Tadashi) "Physically or emotionally?"
  • (Dryly) "Baymax, destroy."

Computeropolis: The Deep WebEdit

Coming soon!

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