Gingo is an American pay television channel owned by the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group division of NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. The channel was launched on September 10, 1988 and is aimed mainly at children and young teenagers between the ages of 7 to 16. Its programming consists of original first-run television series, theatrically-released and home media-exclusive movies and select other third-party programming.

As of September 2018, Gingo is available to 86.4 million households in America.



On February 13, 1988, following Greenville-based newspaper publisher and broadcaster Multimedia's purchase of Geo-Wildshill Productions from Hanna-Barbera, Multimedia announced its plans to launch an animation-focused cable channel.

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Programming on Gingo includes original series such as Gabriel Garza, GGTV, Imagimals: The Series, Bernard Revamped, and Niz Chicoloco (2018), as well as acquired programming from other studios, which as of March 2019 includes Durango Kids, Tales in Paradoria, Quest: Adventures of Ridder, Wishfart, Hero School, Luna & Zak: The Series, Lix & Melody: The New Tunes, Cupcake & Dino: General Services, Snowsnaps, Woody Woodpecker (2018), and Zola: Queen of the Deep Web.

Programming blocksEdit


  • Gingo Junior – Gingo programs series targeted at preschool-age children daily every morning on Monday through Fridays from 8:30 am- 2:00 pm Eastern and Pacific Time (7-10am during the summer months, other designated school break periods, and on national holidays).
  • NightHouse – a late night block targeted towards teens and adults, airing every night from 9 p.m. EST to 6 a.m. EST.
  • DreamWorks on Gingo – a block of animated series produced by DreamWorks Animation that airs from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time, which resulted from NBCUniversal's 2016 acquisition of DreamWorks Animation.


  • Gingo Unleashed – Launched in 2005, Gingo Unleashed was an action block which featured shows such as Samurai Pizza Cats, The Legend of Zelda, and C.L.Y.D.E.. The block lasted aired on March 17, 2011.
  • Toasted Saturdays - Launched in 2005, Toasted Saturdays was a Saturday morning and afternoon block. It was similar in format to the Australian children's television program Toasted TV.
  • The Big Flicks - Launched in 2005, The Big Flicks was a former weekend programming block that aired movies every Saturday and Sunday. Was discontinued in October 2016 although movies still air on the channel, but without The Big Flicks branding.

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Related media and projectsEdit

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Main article: is Gingo's main website, which launched in 1996 as a component of America Online's Kids Only channel before eventually moving to the full World Wide Web. It provides content, as well as video clips and full episodes of Gingo series available for streaming.


Main article: GingoDirect

Mobile appsEdit

Gingo released a free mobile app for smartphones and tablet computers operating on the Apple and Android platforms in December 2012. Like, a TV Everywhere login code provided by participating subscription providers is required to view individual episodes of Gingo's series.

Glass Ball ProductionsEdit

Main article: Glass Ball Productions

Glass Ball Productions is the adult production studio division that produces adult-oriented animated feature films and television series and provides original program to Gingo's late-night program NightHouse, that is located in Burbank, California, along with the main headquarters of the Gingo animation studio.

Gingo InteractiveEdit

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Gingo Interactive Software LLC (or simply Gingo Interactive) is the studio's in-house video game department. Founded in 1994, the studio is best known for developing the Niz Chicoloco, Chrysocolla and Fighting Royale games, as well as games based on its parent company's Gabriel Garza and Hatty franchises.

Gingo MagazineEdit

Main article: Gingo Magazine

Gingo Magazine was a print magazine that was launched in 1994. It incorporated informative non-fiction pieces, humor (including pranks and parodical pieces), interviews, recipes, and a comic book section in the center of each issue featuring original comics by leading underground cartoonists as well as strips about popular Gingo and non-Gingo properties.

Gingo ProductionsEdit

Gingo Productions is the Gingo network's distribution arm. It distributes the shows, pilots, and movies through various international Gingo channels since 1988.

Gingo BrandingEdit

Gingo Branding is the studio's global licensing and merchandising arm established in 2003. It distributes merchandises of various Gingo brands such as Gabriel Garza, Niz Chicoloco, Imagimals, Cool Spot, Addie, and more.

Video gamesEdit

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Since 2002, Gingo characters were featured in a four-player mascot brawler fighting game series similar to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. video game series called Fighting Royale. Several video games based on the cartoon series The Pandemoniums were released by Gingo as well. The Gingo website also features various flash games incorporating characters from various Gingo series.

Other servicesEdit

Service Description
Gingo HD logo

Gingo HD
Gingo HD is a high definition simulcast feed of Gingo that broadcasts in the 1080i resolution format; the feed first began broadcasting in 2008. Most of the network's original series since 2008 – mainly its animated content – as well as episodes of programs carried by NightHouse (that were either natively produced in HD after 2005 or were remastered in high definition) are broadcast in HD, along with feature films, Gingo original movies made after 2005 and select episodes, films and series produced before 2008. Other programs not available in HD are broadcast in pillarboxed 4:3 standard definition.
Gingo on Demand Gingo on Demand is the channel's video-on-demand service, offering select episodes of Gingo's original series and certain acquired programs to pay television providers.


Theme park areasEdit

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All except three Gingo-themed theme park areas now closed:

Current attractionsEdit

  • Gingo's Fusion Zone is an area inside of Movie Park Germany featuring Gingo-themed rides, including a Metro Cone-themed dark ride, and a Planetokio-themed kite flyer. This area is currently being expanded to fill space formerly occupied with rides based on Warner Bros. characters.
  • Gingo opened in August 2016 at IMG Worlds of Adventure as one of the four "epic zones". This zone contains the world's largest Gingo-themed store.
  • Gingo's Land of Animation is a themed area at the Universal Studios Florida theme park in Orlando, Florida. It is based on the works of Gingo, including Gabriel Garza and Imagimals. The land consists of 13 acres (4.9 ha) and features a different attraction line-up. Construction on the land began on March 14, 2016, and officially opened on July 6, 2018.

Closed areasEdit

  • Gingo Palace was a short-lived area at Dreamworld in Australia. It was closed later on and was rebranded as Nickelodeon Central, which was also rethemed it to the generic Kid's World theme (it was later revealed that the park had struck a deal with DreamWorks Animation).
  • Gingoland was an area inside Busch Gardens Williamsburg that was opened on September 14, 2002. In 2008, Busch Gardens Williamsburg closed Gingoland to make way for Sesame Street Forest of Fun.

Hotel brandsEdit

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International channelsEdit

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The Gingo channel was also aired in some other countries around the world (such as Brazil, India, Japan, Philippines and the United Kingdom and Ireland).


  • "A Perfect Place for Animation" (1988–2001)
  • "It's Always on the Gingo" (2001–2005)
  • "Enjoy the Gingo" (2005–present)


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