GATWP Elf Names

The Elves are characters from the Gabriel Garza series. They are small elves who are resembled as gnomes, wear conical caps on their heads. Elves have standard English names (see below).


The elves wear a conical cap that had a stripe and wear a long sleeved shirt that can come in any color. They also wear green pants, a belt, and brown boots. These little guys also tend to have cute eyes.


The Elves have standard English-style names. Mentioned in the television series, other media and the films are Jim, Tom, Dan, Sam, Jeff, Max, Kenny, Jack, Gary, Jon, Larry, Jerry, Nick, Ben, John, Cody, Manny, Bob, Carl, Mark, Brian, Peter, Ted, Norm, Quentin, Bill, Frank, Ernie, Tommy, Steve, Andy, Dale, Mike, Otis, Tony, Victor, Brad, Evan, Alex, Juan, Earl, Mitch, Donald, Fred, and Chris.

Notable ElvesEdit

Elves Who Appear in All MediaEdit

  • Jim
  • Tom
  • Dan
  • Sam
  • Jeff
  • Max
  • Kenny
  • Jack
  • Gary
  • Jon
  • Larry
  • Jerry
  • Nick

Elves Who Only Appear in the Gabriel Garza FilmsEdit

  • Ben
  • John
  • Cody
  • Manny
  • Bob
  • Carl
  • Mark
  • Brian

Elves Who Only Appear in Gabriel GarzaEdit

  • Peter
  • Ted
  • Norm
  • Quentin
  • Bill
  • Frank
  • Ernie
  • Tommy
  • Steve
  • Andy
  • Dale
  • Mike

Elves Who Debut in Gabriel GarzaEdit

  • Otis
  • Tony
  • Victor
  • Brad
  • Evan
  • Alex
  • Juan
  • Earl
  • Mitch
  • Donald
  • Fred
  • Chris

Elves Who Debut in Gabriel Garza 2Edit

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Elves Who Debut in Gabriel Garza 3Edit

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  • The Elves bear a close resemblance to Toad from the Mario franchise.
  • The Elves bear some resemblances to the characters from Uchi No Sanshimai (My Three Daughters), an manga/anime series.