Critter Mockers is an American animated television series produced by Universal Television Animation and Gingo Animation and created by Michael Wildshill. It originally premiered on the syndicated Gingo Lineup block and later the Gingo Channel on November 1, 2003 and ended on January 17, 2009, with a total four seasons and 52 episodes. The series follows the adventures of a trio of teenage boys named Johnny (Max Casella), Zak (Jess Harnell) and Max (Billy West), who all live in a fictional town called Folotown. With their loves of animals and critters, the boys discover talking animals and some unknown creatures.

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Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 November 1, 2003 June 15, 2004
2 13 August 12, 2004 February 13, 2005
3 13 April 12, 2005 July 15, 2007
4 13 October 12, 2007 January 17, 2009

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In 2011, Shout! Factory announced that they acquired the rights from Universal Studios Home Entertainment to release the series on DVD. The first season was subsequently released in November of that same year followed by seasons 2, 3 and 4 the following year.

Release name Release date Eps. No. Years aired No. of discs
Critter Mockers: Season 1 November 11, 2011 13 2003-2004 2
Critter Mockers: Season 2 April 15, 2012 13 2004-2005 2
Critter Mockers: Season 3 July 15, 2012 13 2005-2007 2
Critter Mockers: The Final Season January 18, 2013 13 2007-2009 2
Critter Mockers: The Complete Series November 23, 2012 52 2003-2009 12

Video games Edit

Shortly after the series premiere, Acclaim Entertainment announced they acquired the rights to produce a video game based on the series. Critter Mockers was later released in April 2004 for the Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, PC, and Game Boy Advance, with a PlayStation 2 release planned but cancelled.

Following the shutdown of Acclaim in September 2004, the rights were later acquired by THQ afterwards.

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